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The Studio


Completed in the autumn of 2020, The Studio combines the owners' passions for travel, business, relaxation and culinary exploration.


Now a truly unique and characterful building, The Studio has evolved from an early1800s cattle barn and tractor shed into three dynamic, multi-functional spaces catering for accommodation, business and production – encompassing  modern/country aesthetics that are cosy and welcoming whatever time of year you visit. 


The Studio delivers an innovative 'pick and choose' approach to providing clientele with a productive and enjoyable experience. So whether you're here as a seasoned CEO, looking for a place to relax, part of a budding international start-up or just a keen chef wanting to use professional-grade kitchen appliances – or all of the above – we can accommodate your every need. 

Comfortable, creative and dynamic atmospheres are what you'll come to expect... 


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